How to make your room from drab to fab on a budget!

Trust me, I understand the struggle. I’m a broke college student just trying to ration out my expenses week by week. However, this doesn’t mean that your room has to suffer. Plain white walls? Ew. I can’t stand the sight! I want to help you make your room look like something that you would re-pin on Pinterest or gaze upon in an Urban Outfitters catalog. So stay tuned, and let’s work some magic!


1.Starbucks Coffee Prints

I found these while on my usual Starbs runs one day. They have these out by where you pick up your drinks. They are beautiful and add a hint of color to any wall. Each are unique and tell you a bit about the place they are from on the back.

2.Dream Big Photo Print

I snatched this baby up at Paper Source (of course). It’s only $6.97 and cover a lot of space on the wall. This is the perfect motivational piece!

3.Target Dollar Spot Find

My “Be your own kind of beautiful” piece was only…wait for it… $1! Now that’s what I call a steal! The dollar spot at Target is my go-to every time I’m picking up some groceries or random things. They have great finds from stationary, decor, and seasonal items.

4.Canvas Print

Turn your favorite photo into a piece of art! This is the easiest way to make your artwork come to life. With all sizes and great prices anyone can get one from themselves or a friend!

5.Magazine cutout

Right below the number 5 is where you’ll see my magazine cutout. Magazines are a great source of inspiration and contain hundreds of photos! Think of it as scrap-booking but for your wall.

6.Frame with quote

I’m a sucker for quotes (can you tell?). I was shopping at Home Goods one afternoon and decided that I needed this massive frame. This item is more on the expensive side ($19.95), however, it will last you a lifetime if you take care of it. I also love that it is a statement piece because of the size.

7. Good Vibes Only

I found the inspiration for this through Pinterest! All you need is the wooden hangers and sketching paper. I found a quote that I like and just printed it out on the sketching paper. then hung it up on the hanger. Pretty neat huh?

8. Killin It Light

Believe it or not this is actually a light! It’s perfect for when you want to watch TV in your room but don’t want it completely dark. It has a self timer and turns off by itself. It also say “Killin’ It” so I had to have it. ($14.00)

9.Instax photos

Looking for a way to display your hundreds of Polaroid photos? All you need is some twine, mini hangers, and push pins. Wrap the twine around the push pin and circle it around so that it is a double layer of twine. This way you can switch off each other photo hanging one on the top twine and the next on the bottom twine.

10.Hanging Flower Vase

Time for a DIY project! I did not make this myself, however, it is my favorite piece on the wall. I was on Pinterest looking for decor ideas for my dorm room when I came across this and sent it right away to my boyfriend at the time. He wanted to murder me after he made it so note that this is NOT an easy DIY! I believe it’s worth it though! I don’t have flowers at the moment inside of the vase (broke college kid problems), but when I do they just glow with beauty and bring an earthy element to the wall.

So there you have it! I hope you have found some inspiration and get to decorating.

Much love, Valerie





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