Top 5 Date Spots in San Francisco

I’m keeping it short, simple, and sweet with this post. Planning a date can be the best and a stressful thing. I’ve got my top five spots that are anything less than amazing!

1. Urban Putt : Indoor Mini Golf

Who said mini golf couldn’t happen indoors? This has the Bay Area written all over it! Come and play a couple of rounds while having a beer. After 8 A.M. it’s 21+ only! Come early to get a spot in line. This place can get packed. Bonus points, it’s only $12!


2.Lands End

This is one of my favorites. Lands Ends has so many beautiful views you can’t go wrong! With all the different hikes, you can choose what spot to hit first and then move to the next. Pack a lunch and store it in the car so after your hiking you can munch on some goodies while enjoying the ocean view. Be sure to bring a sweater because it can get windy!


3.Paddle board in Foster City

Though this is not in San Francisco, it is only a drive away and weather is ten times better. Paddle boarding easily breaks the ice because one of you is bound to fall into the water. Not just once, but repeatedly. Check out the weather for the week and choose a sunny day to enjoy some fun in the sun!


4.Brunch at Mama’s on Washington Square

Let me start off by saying that this is the best brunch spot I have been to. The line will be insane, no doubt. BUT! I promise you it is worth the wait. Bring some snacks to eat in line and you can do it! Not only is their food delicious, their service is amazing!


5.Make dinner, Make a fort, and Watch a movie

Time for some nostalgic moments! Remember making forts as a kid? Now re-create that except spice it up! Add string lights, lots of blankets, and some of your favorite candy. Then make dinner together. You can figure out who’s the better chef in the relationship. After, pop in a movie and enjoy the night! Now that’s my kind of date night.


Β Most of all don’t forget to just have fun! Relationships are a lot of work, so take the time to think of something different to do. Don’t go have dinner at Outback, go somewhere where you can make a memory together.

Xo, Valerie






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