Best Brunch Places in SF

We all know that San Franciscans love their brunch. I’m a foodie at heart with the pickiest appetite. You’ll find me ordering the same thing at every place. When it comes to brunch my favorite plate is french toast. I mean c’mon? You just can’t go wrong! I’ve ventured all around the city to bring you my top spots to grab some of the best eats in town. So what are you waiting for?

1.Mama’s on Washington Square

Trust me you won’t be disappointed. There’s not a single thing on the menu that doesn’t look DELICIOUS. Now I would recommend to go during week because this place gets packed. Expect at minimum an hour wait, but you could be waiting longer. So bring some snacks, good people, and get your stomach ready to indulge is some delicious food.

2.Toast Eatery

There’s a few of these around town so you know it has to be good! My favorite here is the croissant french toast. Trust me, you’ll never eat regular french toast again. The chicken and waffles is another favorite and perfect if you’re more on the savory side. The best location in my opinion is Noe Valley. You’ll be waiting, but only for around 30-40 min tops.

3. Sweet Maple

I ventured over here one day after a visit to the eye doctor. Though I could barley see the food, it tasted amazing.The way they plate every dish is sure to make you a foodie and having you pull out your phone to get that perfect instagram pic.Don’t forget to order some millionaire’s bacon! The wait at this place is around 45-55 min depending on the day and time. Parking is also a killer, so try to lyft! (Which means you can drink some sweet mimosas).

So now that I’ve made myself crave french toast, I’ll be on my way to one of these spots. See you there!

XO, Valerie

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