DIY Distressed Band Tee

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great long weekend. I decided to do a DIY tutorial for you guys and for myself haha. I have been wanting to do this band tee tutorial for so long but hadn’t found the right shirt. Even if you have no experience in DIY’s give this one a shot! It’s really easy and you really can’t make a mistake. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

Step one: Fold your shirt in half. Draw a v-neck as deep as you would like with the chalk. For extra deep v-necks I like to pair them with bralettes!


Step two:Pull the back of the shirt out so when you are cutting you only cut the front. Make sure the shoulders align! Start cutting across the choker area and cut as close to the seam as you can without cutting into the steam. Then cut out your v-neck.

Step three: Stretch out the freshly cut area. This will make the fabric curl and look more vintage.

Step four: Cut the seams of the shoulders off. I personally like this for a more vintage and softer look but you do not have to. Again stretch out the freshly cut area.


Step five: Time fore holes! You can make these wherever and however you’d like. The method that worked best for me was picking a spot then isolating the spot, stretching it, then drag your scissors back and forward to make holes. You can also directly cut holes into your shirt just make sure you stretch them out.

Step six: Here comes the fun; Bleach. Pour the bleach carefully into the spray bottle. Make sure you are doing this in an airy space! Test spray the back of your shirt first to see how the spray comes out. Let it dry for a bit. Now start spraying the front of your shirt. This will give you a burnt orange look. For whiteish spots take the nozzle off the spray bottle and start dripping the excess onto the shirt. Again let it dry.


TA-DA! I had way too much fun with this project and will definitely be make some more of these tees.

Go get crafty!

xo, Val

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