Create your online thrift shop : Vinted

Have you ever bought something, used it twice, and then decided you didn’t like it anymore? Same. I used to get so mad at myself for spending money on something I’d probably never wear again. Have no fear! I’ve got the solution for you to empty out your closet and make some cash along the way.


Vinted is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell their gently used items. Hallelujah! I had the honor of being a user and intern for the company and have nothing but good things to say. Vinted is the perfect place for making some extra cash while in college. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

1.The Vinted App

Though they do have a website (, I highly recommend downloading the app. It’s user friendly and the easiest way to snap pics of your clothes and post them for sale. The app allows you to buy, sell, swap, and post on the forum. One big differentiation is that Vinted is a social marketplace.The vintie community is tight knit and the forum allows interaction with other users. Vinties can ask others for help when they have a problem with their transaction or just for some advice on what shoes to wear with their outfit for the night.

2. Clean photos = More sales

I cannot express how important your photos are! Placing your clothes on the floor to take pictures is unattractive to your potential customers. I recommend finding a clean background (preferably white), hanging the clothes up (make sure it’s not wrinkled!), find natural lighting, and take a clean snapshot of the item. Modeling your items is also very effective for sales. Customers can see how it fits and how to potentially style the item. Photos can make or break a sale, don’t mess up!

3. Swapping

Swapping is another cool feature that Vinted has created for their users. Vinties can swap items with other vinties instead of purchasing. This means no money is exchanged and both parties win! If you are not interested in swapping and only want to sell your items don’t worry. On the app when you post your items you can simply click the “no swapping” button. This will let other vinties know you only want the cash flow.

4. Bundling

Bundle deals are the best way to clear out your closet! By having a bundling discount vinties can buy two or more items from your shop and receive a discount. This is a great incentive for customers to buy more than one item. Think of it as the candy at the checkout lane. You just gotta have it.

5. Price negotiation

Vinted makes it super easy to ask for a lower price for an item. You see the item you want and hit the “make an offer” button. Here you type in how much you would pay for the item. The seller then can accept or deny your offer. The seller also has the option of offering you a different price. Boom! Negotiation made easy.

6. Be a good seller!

What does this entail? A good seller notifies the buyer when their item has been placed in the mailbox. A good seller communicates in an effective and timely manner to any questions. A good seller is respective and honest. A good seller makes sure their customer is happy so that they get a good rating and hopefully gain a returning buyer. Customer service is key! This is your own online thrift shop. Run it like you would run a physical retail store.

So why Vinted?

I always seem to get asked this question. All I have to say is the community. Not only is the online community great, but I also had the privilege of working behind the scenes in the business side. Vinted loves their users and wants to make the best online marketplace for vinties. It does not feel like a corporate run business that only wants to suck out the money out of their users. They want to build relationships and make sure that you the user are happy and have a fun time using their app.Vinted is also eco-friendly! No longer will clothing be filling up landfills. What’s mine today could be yours tomorrow.

So start your Spring cleaning and run your own online thrift shop! #GirlBoss

XO, Valerie


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