About me

Hey there!

My name is Valerie Guardado, but you can call me Val. I’m a recent graduate from Saint Mary’s College of California where I received my bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I also graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, also known as FIDM, where I received my A.A. in Merchandise Marketing. So, I guess you can say I’m a marketing guru.

But who am I really?

  • I’m the pickiest foodie you’ll ever meet.
  • Half of the accounts I follow on Instagram are puppies. No shame.
  • My room looks like a Pinterest board and I love it.
  • I’m always online or at the mall looking for the latest and greatest styles/trends.
  • If you catch me at Starbucks, best believe I’ll be ordering a tall very berry hibiscus refresher with light ice and light water. Shaken, not stirred. (Try it, trust me!)
  • I’m the creative type. You’ll always find me scheming up a new project.
  • Eating breakfast for dinner is my favorite!
  • One day I want to run my own business.
  • I’ve watched the entire series of Friends on Netflix 5 times. (I know, I’m crazy.)

My blog is all about fashion, food, lifestyle, and random goodies in between! I love sharing my experiences and hope that they guide you in some way. Whether you’re looking for a hot new food spot, life advice, or where to find the perfect romper for summer, Brunchwithval is sure to have the article for you.

So let’s chat, and have brunch.

xo, Val